Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Smoke machine

In order to make a smoke machine work you will need to add fluid to it. Most of the time you can buy it where you purchase or rent your smoke machine. You can also choose to make it yourself, but you only want to do so if you own the smoke machine. Otherwise you can have problems when you return the rental due to what was used in it. The fluid that is used in smoke machines is harmless as long as it is used only as directed.

The fluid that is poured into the smoke machine will then be pumped into a heated chamber. You will need to allow the smoke machine time to heat up though before you can get smoke from it. These machines are designed so that the fluid won't flow until it has reached a certain temperature. If you have the right fluid in a smoke machine and it still isn't working you will need to check that the heating element of it is working like it should be.

Some individuals tend to have a slight reaction to the smoke machine fluid. While most everyone is enjoying the atmosphere of it they aren't. Their eyes and throat may become extremely dry in just a matter of seconds because of it. The person will need to move away from the smoke machine and into an open area. The symptoms of such an allergy to the fluids should subside in a matter of minutes though.

It is important to keep a close eye on the amount of fluid in the smoke machine though. If you continue to try to use it without any you can burn up the motor. Smoke machines aren't cheap either so it is to your advantage to keep a close eye on this. Generally though you won't be going through the fluid too rapidly for it to run dry before you can check on it. This type of fluid is way more affordable than having to get your smoke machine fixed or replacing it all together.

Make sure you carefully follow the directions as to where and when to add smoke machine fluid as well. You want to make sure you don't overfill it either or it can create problems as well. If you have never used a smoke machine before you should do a practice run before your event begins.